Fox & Hound and Champps (2013)

The firm represented the creditors' committee in the chapter 11 cases of F&H Acquisition Corp. F&H, known publically as Fox & Hound and Champps, operates approximately 101 casual family-dining restaurants and sports bars located in 27 states. The general unsecured creditors were far out of the money in the case, so the firm assisted the committee in structuring a sale that would pay all administrative claims, including 503(b)(9) claims and stub-rent claims, and priority claims, as well as making sure that there was sufficient liquidity for the buyer to perform much needed capital expenditures. In addition, notwithstanding that the secured creditors were not paid in full, the firm was secured a recovery to the general unsecured creditors while also making sure that no unsecured creditors were sued for a preference.