NorCal State of the Industry Event

Northern California Chapter of the Turnaround Management Association

San Franicisco
November 18, 2010

Debra Grassgreen will join a panel discussing the major cases, court decisions and events that have taken place in the recent recession and what the future holds heading into the next wave of leveraged debt maturities. What have we learned from GM / Chrysler, Lehman, General Growth, TOUSA, Extended Stay? Has the government permanently changed the rules of engagement? When liquidations and asset firesales again take a back seat to the preservation of the enterprise as a going concern? How real is the expected 2012-2014 maturity and default wave and will it resemble the current recessionary environment? This event will provide an educational and networking opportunity for restructuring advisors, attorneys, lenders, investment bankers, and investment professionals.

For more information, please contact the TMA:

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