Shark Tank

ABI Bankruptcy Battleground West

Los Angeles
March 21, 2017

Rob Feinstein will take part as a practitioner in this program, which is a riff on the popular television show “Shark Tank.” Bankruptcy practitioners will pitch a panel of judicial “sharks” for requested modifications to recent Supreme Court/circuit-level decisions and other topical bankruptcy issues, including (1) structured settlements and the absolute priority rule in the wake of In re Jevic Holding Corp., (2) the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act controversy from Johnson v. Midland Funding, (3) the circuit split regarding section 546(e)’s safe harbor clause, (4) the recent Ninth Circuit ruling in Sunnyslope Housing, and (5) why the Southern District of Texas got it right in large chapter 11 cases.

Shirley Cho is one of the program chairs for Bankruptcy Battleground West.

For more information, please visit the American Bankruptcy Institute at

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