Third Edition of First Day Motions Guide Published

American Bankruptcy Institute
June 2012

Debra Grassgreen, John W. Lucas, Victoria A. Newmark and Michael R. Seidl are the authors of  the third edition of First day Motions: A Guide to the Critical First Days of a Bankruptcy Case, published by the American Bankruptcy Institute.  (Ms. Grassgreen wrote the first edition and coauthored the second with Max Litvak.)

"When a company voluntarily files for bankruptcy under chapter 11, the successful reorganization of the debtor's business depends on swift and effective action on a variety of legal fronts. First Day Motions: A Guide to the Critical First Days of a Bankruptcy Case, Third Edition provides practitioners with a detailed look at how to navigate this complex period, summarizing the most common first-day motions and relevant sections of the Bankruptcy Code. The book also includes a companion CD-ROM containing more than 4,400 pages of examples of filed motions and entered orders from actual cases. In this third edition of one of ABI's most popular titles, the authors update the relevant case law, discuss the importance of following the preferences and procedures of individual courts when filing motions, and explain why even the most routine first-day filings may draw objections from opposing counsel. Filled with valuable tips and advice on how to avoid the most common filing pitfalls, First Day Motions, Third Edition is a must-have, comprehensive reference for any bankruptcy practitioner." For more information, please contact the ABI: 

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