That’s What Boards Are for: Corporate Governance Issues in Chapter 11

2023 National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges

Austin TX
October 14, 2023

Rob Feinstein is set to participate in a panel discussion at the annual National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges that will delve into the responsibilities of a corporation’s board of directors as financial distress looms. The decisions made by directors can significantly influence the outcome of a bankruptcy case as well as the strategic stances adopted by involved parties. Furthermore, the actions taken by management and other insiders in the lead-up to bankruptcy are frequently contested. This situation prompts inquiries about the obligations of a director, who they are owed to, how nonbankruptcy governance rules align with the Bankruptcy Code, and who is best equipped to probe and resolve allegations of insider misconduct. The experienced panelists will explore various topics including corporate governance pre and post-bankruptcy, the appointment of independent directors before filing a petition, decisions regarding management compensation, and the investigation of claims against insiders.

For more information, please visit the NCBJ website:

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