Trustees & Receivers

Trustees are appointed in every chapter 7 liquidation case and occasionally in chapter 11 cases when necessary to displace management, reorganize, or liquidate. We have represented trustees in numerous chapter 7 and 11 cases. These cases often involve large-scale corporate frauds, in which the firm is called upon to investigate the wrongdoing and prosecute claims to recover funds from the culprits and the recipients of their fraudulent transfers.

In addition to representing trustees, firm attorneys often act as fiduciaries, appointed to fill a wide variety of roles including receivers, trustees, litigation trustees, plan trustees, examiners, disbursing agents and plan implementation agents in both state and federal court. Members of the firm also are involved as receivers for the Securities Investor Protection Insurance Corporation (SIPC).

In addition, James Stang has been the operating receiver of multiple car dealerships with service operations.



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