The firm was special litigation counsel to the chapter 11 trustees in the Ezri Namvar and Namco Capital Group cases. In these cases, Ezri Namvar, through his company, Namco Capital, raised hundreds of millions of dollars from private investors and used it to buy commercial real estate. Namvar and Namco Capital were forced into bankruptcy by investors who were owed over $500 million. Namvar was convicted of wire fraud. The firm litigated significant fraudulent transfer actions to recover cash and membership interests in LLCs that Namvar and Namco improperly conveyed to third parties, including filing writs of attachments against family members who were dissipating estate funds. The firm also drafted a joint plan and disclosure statement for the Namvar and Namco estates, along with other debtor entities, that proposes continued litigation of claims held by the bankruptcy estates and sales of real estate and related assets under the direction and control of the trustees in order to generate funds for the satisfaction of creditors' claims.

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