The Roles, Duties, and Obligations of a Board of Directors in Bankruptcy

The Private Directors Association (PDA)

November 19, 2021

Gregory Demo and Jeffrey Pomerantz will be participating in this webinar presented by the Private Directors Association (PDA) as a moderator and panelist, respectively. The panel will discuss the fiduciary duties owed by legacy and newly appointed independent directors to a company and its stakeholders leading up to and during a chapter 11 bankruptcy proceeding. Panelists will also address the unique role and responsibilities of independent directors in bankruptcy and the current trends regarding court and creditor oversight of those directors. Finally, the panel will discuss the legal protections both legacy and independent directors can expect to receive during a bankruptcy proceeding and in a plan of reorganization and the case law that defines those protections.

More information on the webinar and how to register can be found here.

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