What Will the Future Insolvency Reform Work of UNCITRAL Be and Major Changes by UNCITRAL to the Guide to Enactment as to COMI Determination

ABA Business Law Section International Bankruptcy Subcommittee at National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges

October 31, 2013

Debra Grassgreen will be a panelist for this program, which will center on the work that UNCITRAL has recently completed involving revisions to the Guide to Enactment in determining the Centre of Main Interest (COMI) of a debtor and, in addition to the legislative guide, setting forth the standards of directors in the twilight period leading up to insolvency proceedings. The second aspect will be a discussion of future work topics on insolvency that will be addressed by UNCITRAL Working Group V (Insolvency) at a colloquium to be held December 16- 20, 2013, at the United Nations facility in Vienna, Austria.

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