Brad Sandler Interviewed by Forbes About the Supreme Court’s Recent Purdue Pharma Decision

June 28, 2024
Brad Sandler was recently interviewed by Forbes about the Supreme Court’s ruling overturning Purdue Pharma’s bankruptcy estate’s multi-billion-dollar settlement agreement with the Sackler family, which would have protected them from future lawsuits after agreeing to pay $6 billion to the families of opioid victims.
Brad explained to Forbes that as negotiations begin, the Sacklers will need to make a financial decision regarding how much more money they are willing to lose.
“The Sacklers have to weigh having hundreds or even thousands of lawsuits against them for many, many years and the associated expense and aggravation that comes with litigation,” Brad explained. “Is that aggravation worth potentially saving billions of dollars? Only the Sacklers can answer those questions.”
Read the full article in Forbes.

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