Rick Mikels Participates in Gordian Group Roundtable Discussion

July 2020

Rick Mikels recently participated in a roundtable discussion titled “The COVID Recession—2008 or Something Else?” The perspectives discussion series, presented by investment bank Gordian Group, examined the similarities and differences between the current financial crisis caused by COVID-19 and the recession of 2008. Key questions answered included “Are distressed companies facing the same challenges they did today vs. the 2008-2009 financial crisis,” “What effect has and could government stimulus and intervention have for the distressed market,” “Will the existing insolvency laws and practices work for today’s distressed companies being impacted by COVID-19,” and “Did old equity fare well in the last recession and can they now.”

Gordian Group CEO Henry Owsley and Watermill Group Senior Partner Ben Proctor joined Rick in the roundtable discussion. To listen to the full audio of the discussion, click here

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