James E. Mahoney (07/16/40 - 09/18/21)

We mourn the loss of our dear friend and colleague Jim Mahoney, who passed away from a heart attack on September 18, 2021 at the age of 81. Jim was an amazing advocate, a passionate leader, and a great mentor. Jim was laudatory, honest, and kind. He cared about all of us as human beings first and professionals second, and had a penchant for making everyone he knew feel good about themselves.
Even through illness, Jim made it a priority to travel with his wife, Josephine, and many of the loyal friends he made throughout the years. They took trips to Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Greece, and many other destinations to which many of us dream of traveling. He graduated from Long Beach State in 1963 and kept in touch with many of his fraternity brothers. 
Jim was a straight shooter with clients. If he did not think litigation would benefit a client, Jim would devise other options for the client’s consideration. Jim was excellent at making deals and settling cases. The consummate relationship builder, Jim was always networking and making career changing introductions. 
Jim served on the Hastings College Board of Directors for 24 years (two terms), serving as both Chair and Vice Chair during his long years of service. He was appointed in 1985 by Governor Dukmejian and reappointed by Governor Wilson in 1997. Although he became an Emeritus Board member in 2010, Jim remained active in a myriad of activities at the College. He served as a Trustee on the Hastings Foundation Board of Trustees and, in addition to his own generous gifts to the school, he oversaw multiple fundraising campaigns. 
In an e-mail to the school this week, Hastings Chancellor and Dean David Faigman wrote:
“Jim was a good friend, and I am going to miss him terribly. Indeed, I probably owe my current position to him. He called me perhaps a half-dozen times in December 2015 urging me to be considered for the interim dean position (to start January 2016) and then be considered for the permanent position. Throughout my time as dean, Jim was a trusted adviser, counselor, and loyal friend. I am proud that, before he passed, I was able to celebrate with him and his wife Josephine, the renaming of the Dean’s Conference Room to the Josephine and James Mahoney Conference Room.”
Jim Mahoney is survived by his wife Josephine; Son Scott; Daughter Elizabeth; Son in Law Armin; Grandchildren Brisa, Maya, Jacob, Ryan, and Catie; and Sister in Law Sister Teresa Scottino (Sisters of St. Carondelet). We will miss Jim’s friendship, professionalism, and constant championing of our Firm.

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