Richard Pachulski Mentioned in Bloomberg Article on Neiman Marcus

September 4, 2020

Richard Pachulski was mentioned in Steven Church and Katherine Doherty's Bloomberg article,"Neiman Marcus Bankruptcy Ends, Marked by Arrest of Nemesis." The department store behemoth won court permission to exit bankruptcy, one day after Dan Kamensky, co-founder of Marble Ridge Capital LP, was arrested on federal charges stemming from the case.

"Kamensky was charged with securities fraud, extortion and obstruction. Prosecutors say he pressured an investment bank into dropping plans to outbid Marble Ridge for a stake in Neiman’s valuable Mytheresa unit while the chain was in bankruptcy, and then sought to cover it up," the article states.

U.S. Bankruptcy Judge David Jones praised committee counsel Richard Pachulski, whose letter to federal lawyers started a process leading to Kamensky’s arrest...

“There aren’t three people in the country who would have done what you did,” Jones said. “Your integrity has no price.”

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