LTL Management LLC

The firm currently represents Arnold & Itkin (A&I) as bankruptcy counsel in the chapter 11 case of LTL Management, a newly created and separate subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson (J&J) that was established to hold and manage claims in the cosmetic talc litigation. LTL filed for bankruptcy protection in October 2021. LTL was the result of a Texas two-step performed by J&J, which initially filed chapter 11 in North Carolina. PSZJ successfully moved to change venue, and the case was moved to New Jersey bankruptcy court. A&I then moved, with other parties, to dismiss the bankruptcy case. After the bankruptcy court denied the motion to dismiss the case, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit reversed the bankruptcy court and ordered the case be dismissed in a major precedential decision. In April 2023, the New Jersey bankruptcy court dismissed the case. Shortly after the dismissal order, LTL filed another chapter 11 case in New Jersey bankruptcy court.

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