CyberDefender Corporation

The firm represented CyberDefender, a publicly traded company listed on the NASDQ exchange, in its chapter 11 case. Headquartered in Los Angeles, CyberDefender was a provider of technology and technology services for consumers. Utilizing direct-to-consumer marketing, the company addressed the growing demand for remote technical support services, antimalware and personal computer (“PC”) optimization software and online backup services. As of the date it filed its bankruptcy petition, CyberDefender Co. employed 322 full-time employees in hourly, salaried, supervisory, management, sales, administrative and technician positions to perform the functions necessary to effectively and efficiently operate the company’s business. CyberDefender marketed its software products and services directly to the consumer market. As of the date CyberDefender filed its chapter 11 petition, it had approximately 677,000 active subscribers of its software and services.

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