Last Call Guarantor (Fox & Hound, Bailey's Sports Grille, Champps)

The firm represented the creditors’ committee in the chapter 11 case of Last Call Guarantor, owner of sports-bar chains Fox & Hound and Champps. The firm had represented the committee in the company's first filing in December 2013, in which the firm obtained a meaningful recovery for general unsecured creditors while making sure no preference actions were brought against unsecured creditors and reducing the amount of the company's secured debt. After purchasing the assets in the first bankruptcy case, the debtors’ turnaround efforts were not successful; in 2016, the buyer filed for chapter 11 again. In the 2016 case, the debtors moved quickly for a sale, and the firm made sure that landlords received payment for stub-rent claims and trade creditors received payment for 503(b)(9) claims. Additionally, as in the first case, the firm made sure that no unsecured creditor was sued for a preference or fraudulent transfer claim.

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